Yulia Kazansky

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BioI was born and raised in Moscow, Russia and worked at the University of Moscow as a research physicist studying the Northern Lights. In the mid-1990′s I won a US government lottery and immigrated to US. I now reside with my husband in a town Bellingham, near the British Columbia border.

Although I studied classical drawing and art history at the University of Moscow and took numerous art classes at the studio of my uncle, Michael Kazansky, a noted Moscow painter, I am mostly self-taught artist. I started doing photography at early age inspired by my father Boris Kazansky who was also a physicist and an enthusiast of photography.

For a number of years I could not focus on art as I was busy adjusting to a new country and raising children. However, recently I have renewed my commitment to art pursuing painting and photography full time.





My husband often helps me with names of my artwork (if you see funny name on painting - it's his idea) - he is a musician and songwriter: Charles Bates

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